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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Evolution of the mind

This is an older (from February) interview from Discover Magazine with Nobel laureate and neuro­scientist Gerald Edelman. Edelman is interested in studying what makes each human mind so unique, and thinks he may have found the answer: natural selection of the brain!

"Neurons proliferate and form connections in infancy; then experience weeds out the useless from the useful, molding the adult brain in sync with its environment." His latest book, which I have no read, is called Second Nature: Brain Science and Human Knowledge.

I think this is an interesting theory, but need to read more about it before I feel comfortable forming any opinions on it. After reading the interview, let me know what you think.


Natural Roots, The wild Human said...
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Natural Roots, The wild Human said...

A very interesting theory, I can see it has its merits and I believe Edelman could possibly be quite right. To put it simply, I feel one's life experiences leave what i refer to as a " unique fingerprint" on the brain, infuencing it to react and function in relation to those experiences. I have not read his latest book, but intend to.
Also I thank you for the link to, what a great source of info for an amateur anthropologist like myself.

keep up the useful info,